Friday, May 13, 2011

will you marry me?

I posted about our love story from meeting to dating, then dating to engaged, and now you get the 3rd part of our love story- the proposal!  I have been reflecting on our love story as we approach our anniversary, and my dear friend got engaged last week! Hope you enjoy our proposal story! 

We had been talking about getting engaged for months, but had also talked about when to do it.  It had to be during the school year for the ceremonial ring down that is tradition from my university.  But my two best friends were in Ireland for the entire semester (February to May).  We told them that we wouldn't get engaged before they got back... I guess I lied.  But I am getting ahead of myself here.

One week in February we decided that we both needed a break from class (I know 2 weeks into the semester and we need a break- it happens).  I was feeling overwhelmed so I told him that if he wanted to do something, he would have to plan it.  This was just a few days after he told me that he had stopped looking at rings and he didn't want to think about any of that stuff as he was having a hard time readjusting to classes after spending 6 months studying in 4 other countries. 

The weather was suppose to warm up at the end of the week and the Indy Zoo was going to have children's day (discounts, and tons of cute kids looking at cute kid animals).  We decided to go, but kept it up in the air based on how classes went that week.

The night before he was acting odd, he called and asked what I was going to wear (Ok we had just traveled for a month together, this didn't seem too odd to me.)  I told him I was going to layer like Athens, and he said he was planning on bringing his side bag.  We took that bag with us everywhere in Greece and Italy, but I assured him we were in the states now and don't need as much, so if I take a purse we should be good.  He was really funny about wanting his bag- I gave up- since I didn't care and didn't want to take a purse.  When I got off the phone I mentioned to my roomie that he was acting funny and said "If i didn't know better I would think he was up to something, like proposing tomorrow"  At that remark the girls in my suite came in and wrote down on the calendar when they thought he would propose.  Bets were placed, none were for the next day.

The next day I made him wait, I wanted to get a paper done.  Then he wanted to wait until after lunch (save some money).  At lunch in the dining hall he asked if I wanted to still go, he was thinking maybe we shouldn't.  By the end of lunch we decided to go through with our plan and go to Indy.

that's me with no idea what was to come
We walked around the zoo and really relaxed.  It was just a fun date for us.  Or so I thought.  He decided he couldn't wait any longer and this conversation happened
"Elizabeth, you are so beautiful"
"thank you"
"Your eyes are amazing.  I have decided I want to look into those eyes forever"
*Me blushing* Still not thinking anything is about to happen because he said stuff like that to me all the time!
*him getting down on one knee*
*opening box*
*me thinking Oh my gosh, oh my gosh, take this in, remember this moment*
"will you marry me"
*remember this moment, oh my gosh is this real, take this in*
by the tigers- this is where he proposed, and this picture was taken just a few minutes/seconds before he asked me to be his wife

Then he took out the ring- i forgot about the ring, I did not even see it until it was put on my finger!
he did a good job picking it out himself!

We then headed to the dolphin show.  I still hadn't cried because ti takes me forever to process stuff.  During the show i burst out into tears- waterfall could not be turned off.  After I called my roomie and she took charge of planning the secret ring down (a party for all the girls that you live with where the ring is tied to a candle and passed around to everyone until it gets to the owner, then the owner is reviled and the story is shared).

After a little more time together we went back to my parent's house for dinner as planned.  We made a pit stop for me to get a manicure before getting to the house (but I was impatient so it messed it up).
happy couple at my parent's house

We had fun with my parents, then had to hang out at the house for a while because we could not go back until it was time for the secret ringdown (there was no way I could hide my excitement!)  Midnight the word was out on campus.  But my two best friends in Ireland still needed to know.  I stayed up all night and waited until it was 8am there.  Then I called.  Apparently this was early for them, as only one person was awake and they all thought it was an emergency.  I woke them up to tell them I was engaged- hours later they were able to call back and share excitement.

That all happened February 28th, 2009.  It was another month before we set a date.  We loved just being engaged and having the title fiance.


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