Wednesday, May 11, 2011

send me- my heart is breaking

photo credit to L.L. from her trip serving in Yetebon, ET 2011
i do not understand why God has put such a heavy load on my heart for the children of ethiopia.  i don't know that i ever will.  i can go days without thinking about it, just blocking this people group from my mind as i go about my day to day life.  but when it its- it hurts. 

i want to go.  i want to serve.  i really feel like i am at a place where i would not be acting as a tourist, but rather as a person comming along side of the nationals to help how they see fit.  just as i see mothers giving up everything for their child- i want to help them, to give them rest.  can i provide rest for workers there in orphanages?

i am ready to go.  when will you send me? when is it my turn? what can i do? Lord, please let me go.

although this is me talking with God, i did want to share it with you.  Maybe you will open a door, or at least crack a window for me to breath.

1 comment:

  1. It breaks my heart to see children who live in such bad conditions...


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