Wednesday, May 11, 2011

jamaica- action and relaxation

Welcome back to the tour of Couple's Resort Negril, Jamaica!

We are not ones to spend an entire vacation laying on the beach- (ok i would be game).  As I said in the last post we only left our resort once!  So what did we do the whole time?  Ok, mind out of the gutter please, we are not that sex crazed!

Hubby decided early on to join in on a game of beach volleyball while I laid out on the beach.  There was a daily game of beach volleyball in the morning and pool volleyball in the afternoon- and rum all around!  Couples organized activities around the clock, and there were always people there to be sure the party was going on.  These people who worked at the resort quickly became our friends! 

yep, that is real.  that is the swim up bar!

Hubbs for the spike!

 Hubbs and I both got in on the pool action- it was a ton of fun!

this looks like a good spot for a game!
I mentioned that there was plenty of run to go around, at all times- the coolest thing was how we got it!  We did nothing!   On the beach we stuck a flag in the sand, then someone came to take our order, and brought it over!  At the pool there is the same system, expect you stick it in sand buckets instead of the beach.  However during our games people from the resort came over to take drink orders at each break, and if anyone said "i need a drink" during the game, their favorite would magically appear a few minutes later!  How awesome is that!

Of course, this was the week after graduation and wedding- so we did relax a bit.  All we had to do was bring something to prove that we were on our honeymoon and we received a free couples massage!  We took advantage of their tree-house for this spa treatment!
it's tucked away

yes, i did spend an afternoon here!
We also took a couples massage class!  It was so fun, relaxing, and informative!  Now back massages at our house are not just sensual but very therapeutic!


  1. OMG this looks like the best vacation EVER!!!!

  2. I am drooling over the scenery- looks like a perfect vacation.

  3. This is beautiful and looks like so much fun! I need a vacation after watching this.


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