Thursday, May 5, 2011

cinco de mayo- don't just stand there hit the keg

There are some things in college you don't want to ever die, and some you hope no one finds out about.. this was both of those.  Each year a specific group of guys (for this purpose we will call them a frat, but there was no greek on this campus, they just all lived together) get 'dressed up'/look insane and make a campus wide party.  They create a caravan with pickup trucks and other cars and march around the campus screaming "cinc-cinco-cinco-cinco-cinco de mayyyyyyy-o" and "don't just stand there hit the keg"

Why does the conservative christian campus allow such a thing?  Because we use a root beer keg- no joke!!  We love it!  It is a truly dry party!  The boys start the party at one end of campus then loop around to all the dorms and get everyone involved!  All the girls (and guys) come out and if desired... or chosen- you are pulled up to do a keg stand!  So fun!  SO messy!  I am really going to miss this party this year.  I wonder what the hubs and I can do to keep the party alive?

it's root beer- not real beer (another common chant)

this was from my last year living in the dorms- Hubs was a part of the group on parade... the man in all black, he's mine

did i mention that they choreograph a dance which they then preform at each dorm- awesome-yes

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