Sunday, May 8, 2011

dear mom,

dear mom,

thank you.  you are an amazing woman that i aspire to be.  you are the most selfless person i have ever met.  i know that you gave up buying clothes for yourself to get me everything i wanted.  i know that you gave up every spare second you had to be there for me for everything from ballete, bowling, gymnastics, boys, dance, every sport, and of course choir, coir, choir.  You made it possible for me to go to college and graduate debt free.  you made it possible for me to attend the college that i really wanted even though it was private. 

you always told me that i would graduate from college and do anything i wanted.  i never knew how big of a deal this was until i realized i was the first one to go, and the first one that really got to chose what to do with thier life.  you told me over and over that i can do anything i want to do with my life, whatever my passion may be.  you never limited my creativty.  you never raised your voice with me. not once. you always knew what was ging on in my life, even at the times when i was unsure myself.  you let me go through things to learn.  you never sheltered me more than needed, and made me into a well rounded individual. 

you have been there for me in everything in life.  i have not always had a father, i have not always had the same home, i have not always had anything in my life except for you and your love.  that is unfailing and i will always know it.  mom, you are my constant, and i love you for it.

no one else will ever really be mom for me, no matter how hard they try, or how long they are in my life.  you are the one and olny, and i am proud to be your one and only.  i love you mom, thank you for making me the woman i am today.  and thank you for making me strive to be better.

love your only child

ps- you are still a hottie


  1. I love the lines:

    (1) You are an amazing woman that I aspire to be.
    (2) -you are still a hottie.

    Happy mother's Day to your mom!

  2. wow you and your mom are SO pretty! you guys look very much alike :)


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