Tuesday, May 10, 2011

jamaica- catamaran

Another Couples Negril post- please don't hate me, only a few more left!  Hey now, you have been enjoying this mini vacation as much as me!

Most days Couples takes a catamaran out on a little cruise to a spot for snorkeling, swimming, sliding into the water, and drinking.  Hubby and I called it the booze cruise, expect we didn't drink on it!  There was plenty of free run to pass around, but we were too enthralled by the water!  (If my husband were not human, he would be a fish- trust me!)

We also met a very sweet couple on here who were celebrating 3 or 4 years of marriage (i forget which one)- At the time I thought it was odd that they would not wait for 5 years.  Now I understand.  We can't afford a trip this year, and I don't think we will the next- so 3 years is our goal to go back!  Also, they were a bit older than us (who isn't!) And this is a trip to take before the kids, and before the pregnancy!  Now, it all makes sense!

me and hubs before getting aboard- which we did so by walking up to it!

we sat in the back so we would have a good view

he jumped to relax

hubbs jumping off the slide when we stopped- he loved it!  I enjoyed laying out

on the way back... a couple dug through my bag to get our camera because she thought we were so cute

looking back at our beach... as soon as we got back we got dressed up to head to dinner at the 5 star restaurant!


  1. NONONO! I LOVE them! Please post more! This Makes Me so excited to go to Negril!

  2. You guys are soooooo cute! Love it!

  3. Oh man, I so wish I was there right now...amazing! And you guys are adorable! So glad you joined the flip flop swap! It is going to be lots of fun!!

  4. OMG how have I missed these posts??? This place looks just spectacular. Thank you so much for sharing it with me. I have already been all over there website. THANK YOU! I was freaking out with only $5,000 would we be able to make it all work and still go somewhere nice or should we save it and go another time. Looks like you all had a wonderful time. Can not wait to check it out. I have never been!!


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