Monday, May 23, 2011

interview.... kind of

Well I arrived early at the school for my interview.  I went to the community the day before for the elementary ground breaking for the new building and found out where everything was. 

It was all simple and lovely- and the dean of students and the principal brought me in.  The first thing they said was "we have over 400 candidates for this position, today is just 20 minutes to try to get that number down". 

400 teachers- one position!  ONE!  400 to 1.  So this didn't really seem like an interview, more like a meet and greet. 

It was much easier than any of the mock interviews I have done, and none of the standard questions were asked which was refreshing.  (I say, and yet this is my first interview). 

I would say things went as well as could be expected, I wish I would have emphasized my past experience more, but in 20 minutes there is not a lot of time! 

They did tell me that they were hoping to get that number down to one next week.  They want to get the name recommended to the school board asap.  So, hopefully I will get a call soon for a second interview.  Nothing more I can do for now I guess!  ((at least the hubby returns from Maine tomorrow so I don't have to wait alone!))

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