Saturday, May 14, 2011

jamaica- five star dinning

OK, this is the last Jamaica post.... for a while ;)

Couples Resort (for those of you who have not already gotten the full detail) is an all inclusive resort for couples only over the ages of 21.  The only thing one needs any money for at all is to buy things from local artisans, the gift shop, some spa treatments, and anything you would want to leave the resort for (but who would want to leave this paradise??!!)

The food at this place was to die for!  Remember when I mentioned the breakfast in bed every morning

If eating in your room doesn't suite your fancy then you are in luck because there were 4 other places to find some grub!

The Main dining hall did all meals, and each late dinner had entertainment!  It was a great place to pop in for a bite, and had some remarkable chandlers!

so freakin awesome!

We got most of our lunches from the beach side grill.  During the day it was a grill will burgers, pizza, and sandwiches.  Don't want to order- there were pre-made sandwiches, fruit cups etc ready to grab and go down to the beach.  They also had nachos with all the fixin's all day long.  At night this place turned into an Italian restaurant.  The lighting was different and the food was just like Italy!  
picture from the beach looking up at the bar area

There was one place we almost didn't make it to at all because we were so in love with all of our options. This place had Asian fair.  And I had a martini that was to die for!  I think I had 4 of them (The hubbs stopped me since we were planning on more treats later).  
i felt like i belonged on sex in the city

Of course food and drinks were all around all the time!  
Exhibit A: Part of one of the buffet dinners

Exhibit B: Chocolate Fondue and Chamgange sunset

Exhibit C: The Piano Bar (where we played the newly wed game- hilarious)
how cool is that!

However, our favorite place to eat was the five star Oteheti Restaurant.  This place you had to have a reservation for.  There was also a dress code for this place- it was when we got fancy!  At the time of the reservation you go to the restaurant and you are met at the door, there is an outdoor seating area to wait in while your table is prepared.  While waiting (even if only for a few seconds) champagne is served!  So, you know I am already in heaven at this place!  The food there was so.good.i.could.die.amazing.  For real, this was freakishly good!  We ate there almost ever night after that!  The chairs were like love seats, the lighting was dim, and romance was in the air. 
my favorite picture of us is from here, but it was professional so not on my computer

Over all this was the perfect honeymoon.  There is nothing we would have changed about it.  We both hope to go back there soon, and would like to recommend that you all go as soon as possible! (and thanks for letting me go on and on about this wonderful memory ;)

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  1. Stumbled onto your cute! Then I saw you were from the Midwest so I decided to follow along. :) Jamaica looks amazing!!


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