Saturday, May 21, 2011

wow I missed a lot!

Sorry I have been a shotty blogger, I actually missed you all!

I planned on having hours to write blogs on Thursday as I was going to be working 11 hours (11 hours with a 5 month old includes several hours of sleepy time).  However when I arrived I was informed that the little dude was very sick, and had been for days (so much for their vegas vacation they just came back from).  The dad decided to stay an few extra hours to be sure the little dude was ok.  The little dude, was not feelin' it.  After a trip to the store, a feeding, and a nap I look over to dad to see if he was planning on going to work at all.  But the little dude's dad was asleep on the couch.  Once he woke I told him little dude was asleep and I was putting him down, asked about work, then when he said he was going to wait until about 6 to go in at all (it was 11), I told him I would see him next week.

However, Hubby, my FIL, and his friend from grad school were going to a Reds game that day- so I joined too.  They met me half way down so that I wouldn't have to drive through downtown and find parking (so thankful).  We had amazing seats since we were late.  We had a lot of fun too- see!

3 rows behind the home dugout

rally time

After that Hubby and I went to goodwill, and out to eat, by the time I got home I found out that the camping trip had been all but canceled- I was not about to let that happen.  There were three of us who wouldn't let it happen, so three of us left the next morning!  Look forward to those adventures soon!

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