Saturday, May 7, 2011

1st year anniversary- help!

Well our 1 year anniversary is May 29th.  I am so excited!  We have never been ones to celebrate anniversaries or valentine's days or things like that- but we both decided that our anniversary is something to make a big deal about!

I said that we didn't need to do gifts- but I wanted one, and I wanted to get him something!  I said that my issue was that I had no idea of what to get him that would be sentimental.  (of course, it is easy for him to find that kind of gift for me).  He broke the news to me that he was looking into spending almost 200 bucks- ah!  I had a minor freak out.  Ok, i had a melt down.  I hate spending money.  Anything over 50 bucks makes me sick.  When we spend our wedding money getting things for our new home- I actually did get sick, I couldn't be at the check outline, I had to rush to the bathroom.  And these were gifts!

So, I would like to not spend more than 150 on a gift- (ok i would like to not spend more than 50- but he's worth it).  Even if we do end up spending a ton of money, it is way less than a trip that had been planned- then canceled (we couldn't do the 600 bucks in gas money for the trip).

What can I do/ get for my Husband to celebrate 365 days of being husband and wife?


  1. I went on and made my husband a memory book (kinda like in the movie UP). He loved it! I filled it with pictures of the two of us, and some of the things we also id while he was gone on his mission. It kinda showed how we grew both together and apart ;) I am always a sucker for memory books though ;)

  2. @mrs.ali I completely agree with you! I am a sucker for memory books--> my wedding gift to him was a book of our lives together, from the moment we met, to the moment we said I DO (including the 6 months apart, and all of our correspondence from that time) He loved it, and we both love looking at it now.

  3. With paper as the symbol for first year anniversary, I got him a personalized novel from

    Technically, it's our first year anniv of being formally together as bf & gf (we're not yet married). He loved the book so much and he was very thrilled reading our names and other details about us in the novel.


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