Tuesday, October 25, 2011

how to pick a pumpkin

last weekend was my fall break- a much needed break I might add!

We had planned on having friends come down and stay with us for a few days- but all peeps bailed (I think they realized just how lame we really are).

It was nice to have some time just me and the hubby though.  We spent Saturday at my favorite family farm.  Tuttle's Orchard has been family owned and operated for generations.  I feel blessed to have gone to church with this family in High School.  This is the best apple orchard in the world!  Fall brings out apple cider and pumpkin patches as well.

Hubby and I made the long trek down to pick out our pumpkins and get some cider.  (yes, I did in fact make my husband drive 40 minutes each way for expensive cider.)

The pumpkin patch was huge- the two of us ended up leaving with 3 pumpkins.  According to my hubby this is how you pick a pumpkin.

what a cutie!

Thursday, October 20, 2011

autumn welcome

as a pinterest addict I decided that I had to make an autumn wreath.  The yarn was the best way to go in my opinion, so I hit up the local hobby lobby to see what I could find.  I didn't really have a plan in mind.  I was thinking yarn or burlap.

some inspiration

I found some cheap yarn that was simple with a touch of detail.  Then I found a wooden W to paint.  I hit up the seasonal to find some fall leaves (I used a floral pick).  I had already picked up a Styrofoam circle- but wasn't happy with the size.  When I went to the floral department I found a straw wreath (which had been recommended) for less! 

the step by step from the inspiration
I brought it home and was surprised to find that hubby wanted to get to work on it!  He wrapped the yarn, and I painted the W.  (yes, he did way more work than me)  Finally it was time for the hard part- how to arrange it. 

I tried this way and that way.  Hubby tried a few other ways.  He decided he wanted more fall foliage on it- so back to hobby lobby we went!  He picked it out, and arranged it.  All I did was glue it down!!

test hang in our apartment

The results are epic.  I am pretty excited about keeping this one!

our front door's new look

PS:  the Inspiration for my own wreath can be found at Take Heart  and you should probably check it out. 

Tuesday, October 18, 2011

family fall fest

that sounds like something elementary related... or just a regular autumn gathering for my clan.  :)

On Saturday evening the hubby and I drove up to a very small town in northern Indiana.  All of my family lives in this tiny town other than my parents.  It was SO GOOD to see my family!

We played kickball (Klinkers vs others aka in-laws).  It got intense.  My dad took me out at first- so did my husband!  I still have a bruised arm! 

After kickball we went inside to eat a feast.  We had planned on a cookout with everything outsid- but the weather did not cooperate with us.

After dinner we went back to the barn and had the little ones (under 5, above 1) hunt through the straw to find goodies!  They were really cute about it, and liked to throw the hay.

From there Grandpa got in the tractor, hitched up the trailer filled with straw-bails and then loaded us up!  We went for a hay ride at dusk!  Only a few of us (think 16 our of 35) went, but we loved it!  The little girls were pretty cute.  And, it's always fun to snuggle with the hubby!

little one all snuggled up between family- keeping warm

From there we went back inside to hang out.

Someone had the great idea to put all of the newest family members on the floor together!  These babies were due one week from each other.  One came about 6 weeks early- but we are so thankful to have them!  (PS, we have one more due in Feb!)
L- Berkley, My cousin's baby; M- Hunter, my newest cousin; R- Gracelyn, My 2ns newest cousin, who came 6 weeks early

some kicking action

the two girls in pink pj are big sisters to the boy in the middle; The girl int he Gap is big sister to the girl on the left

This kid is the world's best big brother!  He is astonishing! 

he ate her fingers!  or as Huby says- she punched him (bue he really did suck her fingers!)

While everything was going on I got to hang out with a little cutie who never wants to hang out!  She is super articulate, and always has been- no joke she sounds like a 10 year old.

Hadley and Hubby conversing over politics (ok really she was pretending to make a bottle for her sister)

When we were getting ready to leave she decided that she wanted to go home with me and hubby!  Then once we explained that we couldn't she asked if she could go in our car.  When her dad (my cousin in-law) said no- she responded with "Where is grandpa Harold, I will ask him".

Finally it was time to walk out the door.  She said "Good bye other John, (John is the name of her uncle who was standing next to us).  It was nice to play with you."  And that my friends is why my husband now wants a baby.  Good thing I am in control of that one!  Someone get him a screaming baby STAT!

Now, time to count down until Christmas when I get to see them again!!

Monday, October 17, 2011

we are a family

Last Wednesday started just like any other.  No big deal, nothing to wrote home about.  That morning someone at out school had scheduled a case conference.  This means that administration and sp-ed along with the family would be there to talk about the progress of a child (among other things).  The school counselor did not show up for that meeting.  It was really odd, so we tried to call her cell- but it was off.  The secretary had a key to her house (because they are such god friends) so she went over to be sure everything was alright.  All of this was happening at 8am, just after school started.  The night before we had all been in a staff meeting (that went WAY longer than it should have).

By the time I get a second to breath it is just one hour before school dismisses.  During this time I started to notice everything around me.  Gail still wasn't there.  I hadn't seen Debbie since first thing in the morning.  Then I walked into the office which was full of head honchos from ESC and people from other elementary schools.  Something was up. 

My teaching team (grade level) sat in one room together brainstorming what was going on, and trying to get new information.  By 2:30, when we were to get our kids from specials for dismissal we knew that whatever it was had to be bad. 

While walking my kiddos down the hall I looked back into the office, all windows covered, the faces red and splotchy.  Makeup was off, and tissues were out. 

The moment the kids were on the bus we were huddled down to the LGI room (where we have all of our staff meetings).  Our principal shared with us that a part of our family had died.  When Debbie went to check on Gail she found her lying on the floor where she had been making her lunch.

All of the counselors from the district where there for us that night, all night.  The next day each elementary sent over their IAs and other support staff to be available if a teacher needed to step out of class.  We told our students that morning what happened.  There were grief specialists there to work with students, even a theropy dog that looked like my puppy.

The PTO came in and created a memorial wall with students (one wall turned into three).  Cakes, cookies, doughnuts, coffee, pastries, and pizza were all brought in for our staff.  Some from staff, other from parents.

We really are a family.  My school is more than just my work community.  We live and breath together.  We are there for each other success and goofs.  We give so much each day, aid are filled back up by each other.  It was a painful loss.

Sunday was the showing- the room filled with school staff.  Today was the funeral.  Each staff member was given the day off for bereavement.  The other elementary (10 in the district) principals, counselors, head honchos, IAs, and subs were on location to fill the holes while other staff went to the funeral.  As requested in her will everyone went to the bar after to have a bud lite. 

I chose to stay with my kids.  I don't like funerals, and that's not how I grieve.  It was a challenging day as one of the only staff members- but it was good to be there.  It was good to have that responsibility as a first year teacher. 

Tomorrow is the first 'normal' day since last Wednesday.  prayers it goes ok.

Gail Hill, 56

Thursday, October 13, 2011

i survied the first quarter

done with 25% of the year.  I have taught a full quarter now, a full 9 weeks, a full grading period.

Friday the 7th marked the end of the grading period.  And the report cards come out on the 14th!  That means I needed to figure out how to complete standards based report cards on the 5 point scale. 

I felt very accomplished once I had (basically) completed.  I still have some DRAs to do (ok, tons of them) but I am feeling a little more confident.  I really and a teacher. 

This was just too good not to share, and is fitting for this post.

Tuesday, October 11, 2011

yeah, i think i'll just come home (and thoughts on food)

This was what the Hubster said to me on Friday night at 9:30!  He was in Cincinnati.  He had plans to spend time with his parents, then meet up with some old work friends... but those all got canceled.  He had been at training for work all week.  It was way closer for him to go to Cincy than to come home on the weekend between training.  However, late on Friday night he decided he would be way happier if he just drove home.  :)  After a 9 hour day of training, and and hour drive the hubby packed up (for the 2nd time in one day) and made the 2+ hour drive home to me.  :)

I went into school for report cards (more on that later) on saturday while he got a chance to relax at the house with the puppy.  That evening I made a yummy dinner full of brats, onions, and beer #healthiestdinnerever.  We also watched the King's Speech- so good!

if you haven't see it- go!  It is very well crafted, and I love that wall!!

Sunday I went into school for my usual planning before he got up.  I was home by 10 and made a HUGE brunch with all of his favorite breakfast foods (ie bacon, eggs, biscuits so fluffy and flaky you could die).  We watched a few movies more movies that day too.  We watched The Conspirator and then National Treasure 2.  Both of the movies focused on the assassination of Lincoln. 

We talked through a lot of history while watching-- and we might have done some research because we are cool like that

For dinner we had planned on a special pizza place that Hubby has been looking forward to since we moved here #mellowmushroom.  Coupons are the only way we go out (my rule, and I love it!) so when we realized the coupon was only good mon through thurs we went to a fav of ours instead.  The Stacked Pickle is a pub that we love!  Ok, so actually I guess it's a sports bar- but it rocks.  They have the best fries we have ever tasted!  So I have just realized how obsessed with food we are..... hmmm.
in fishers and carmel- and I don't know where else, but worth looking up

For dinner we met up with a friend/ the only friend we have in this city.  After we got to see his house and meet the dog.  We played wii for a while before I left.  They might not have had work this morning but I had 23 6 year olds who would not show mercy for a late night of drinking! 

Over all it was a pretty great weekend.  Especially because we had planned on not seeing each other at all!  He waited until I got back from my staff meeting to leave for training.  One more week alone before we can start to get settled in our routines!  I should really get back to taking pictures of life....

Sunday, October 9, 2011

my parents are cooler than me

What keeps me from being a hermit- my mom and dad.  It's pretty awesome to be living in the 'same' city now.  I mentioned in a previous post all of the awesome things my 'rents have done for the hubby and I in the past few months.  Well, I was sharing this info with a few of my teammates and I just had to confess that my parents keep me from being a hermit. ((Think the Vensa/ Toyota commercials))

Last week the hubby was out of town for work training.  He had planned on being gone Monday the 3rd to saturday the 15.  That's a super long time (for me at least)!  Friday rolled around and I was bored.  I txted my mom to see if they had plans. 

Yet again my parents came to my rescue and saved me from being a hermit by taking me to Carrabbas.  It was awesome!!  While there the waiter asked me if my parents had dragged me there kicking and screaming (I do look like a 15 year old, so that makes sense).  I wanted to confess that they were way cooler than me, and that I had invited myself- but I held back with a chuckle and a head shake. 

I am glad my parents have let me grow up.  But I am SUPER glad that they still take me out as if I was living at home.  I don't quite know what I would be without them.  (Confess: I would be uber bored)

After an awesome dinner (srsly, Carrabbas, check it out) I went home and watched a chick flick "Life as we know it". (thank you netflix)

The movie was so good!!  I cried, I laughed, and I didn't have to think!  Awesome!

However, right before I started it I called my hubby.  He was in Cincy (where we just moved from) visiting his parents and maybe a few of the guys.  I wanted him home, he wanted to he home- so at 9:20 he left cincy and made the 2+ hr trek home!!  He will have to drive back on Monday, but we got a little time together!!

Overall, I'd say it was a pretty great Friday.

Thursday, October 6, 2011

"that's quite the class you have there"

The day before school started administration came in and said "we made a mistake in your class, these students are not allowed to be together".   In the first day I learned why these students were not allowed to be in the same class.  The grouping I have this year us crazy! 

However, they arn't so bad that I can't handle them.  If this crazy, young, 1st year teacher can manage it- I feel like I should get some credit or something.  ;)

Every teacher my kids work with, or aid they they are with comment on how insane the class is, or how challening they are. Yes my firsties are challening, but they are mine, and truthfuly- I love them.  I am ready to stop recognizing that they are challening and instead find the good in them- all of them! 

Each day I will try to find one good thing that each student has done.  I will not let 5 bad apple spoil the bunch of 23.  I will recognize the good in my students.  My class is awesome, and it's time for the others to see how great they are!

Monday, October 3, 2011

can i have a birthday yet?

My birthday was August 12th.  It was the first friday of the school year.  That was the fun part.  The sad part, my car had broken down that week.  I needed an entire new set of tires, which we learned after I had a blow out.  The rim was bent too- so we needed a new rim to put the new wheels on.

Sad news- I was living with my parents at the time, my husband was living in a different state, and we were facing 2 months of no pay.  So, for my birthday my family got me the hook up with the rim and tires.  Very generous of them!  The next week everyone helped us move.  After that it was time for the hubster to find a new job.  Needless to say, we never celebrated my birthday.

When Hubby landed his new job we went out to celebrate at Benihana's- we said it was to celebrate me getting a teaching job, my birthday and his job.  Boys and girls, that is a lot of celebrating to pack into one school night.

I love my birthday.  I love getting gifts- it may sound bad, but it is one of my love languages.  At first I thought that I could rock it and just buy myself one thing (a cup)- but 2 months later- I wish I had a birthday celebration.

If I were to have a celebration these are the things I would want:

I'd love some lanterns for the house

I'll take this whole outfit!
celebrate with lots of these!

I could have one of these for lunch (or maybe 2 of them)

these are my favorite cookies of all time!

i'd love this skirt- the sweater is pretty cute too

amazeballs! (j.crew)

so warm and comfy!  perfect to wear with tights and sweaters!

another perfect outfit

and the shoes I have been wanted for months

My book wish list is 3 times as long... oh dear, school is taking over!  :)

**hoping that the links work, all were found on http://pinterest.com/
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