Wednesday, June 29, 2011

moving back with the parents- married style

Well, we had to make a decision.

It's been several months and we are getting down to the wire.  After many sleepless nights and identidy crises- the moment has come.  School starts back in Indy THE FIRST WEEK OF AUGUST!  However, here in Cincy it starts the LAST week of August.  I told my family (that i work for) that Aug 12 would me my last day.  I have been planning on subbing next year- and hubby and I would look for a new place to live. 

I still have one application for teaching out- but I know they only want to hire minorities (people were actually rifted so that more minority teachers could be hired).  Then it happened.  I got a call.  From a district that had already told me that they filled all of their positions for 11/12.  The principal left a message asking me to come in July 7th at 5:15 for an interview with a panel of teachers. 

Yesterday, I had a panic attack.  I had finally come to terms that I would not be teaching, and was excited to stay in Cincy.  This is going to end up having a quick turn around.  We have to make a decision on when to move out IN THE NEXT DAY!  (due to the 30 day notice, and the cost of rent).

So we are moving out August 1st- to where- well we have no idea.  We will be in either his parents house in Cincy or my parents house in Indy.  Nothing like moving pack in with the parents after being away for several years and being married for over a year!  This is going to be a whirlwind of a month.  Hopefully I will have a job at the end of it!! 

Dear Lord, get me a job! 


  1. Jeeves and I had to move in with my Mom for a time and it was hard, but it was alright.

    I hope you get the job you are looking for, I love every minute of my job and hope for that for others.

  2. Ahhh... sounds so stressful. So once all the minorities are the majority will you have better luck?! ;-) I hope you find a job soon because I'm sure it'd be awkward living with the rents or in laws. Good luck. Keep us posted.

  3. My husband and I currently live with my parents after both living on our own for 2-4 years before coming back. It is certainly an adjustment, but to be honest, I completely get how people end up staying forever! The amount of money we are saving is incredible, and it is actually lovely to get to have dinner with people you love every night :)


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