Friday, May 27, 2011

a trageity on the 28th- the day before our wedding

This is part of the rehearsal story that I didn't share in the earlier post.  But it was pretty important

We got married one week after graduation.  Some people were already doing their summer thing before the wedding.  One of my bridesmaids was starting at a camp.  She actually finished classes 2 days early to get down to Kentucky.

On the day of the rehearsal she was going to borrow a car and drive up.  We kept calling to see when she would be arriving.  She wouldn't answer.  We were about to leave for the rehearsal and she still wasn't there, she was 3 hours late- and no explanation.

At this point we were pretty worried.  As we were walking out the door for the rehearsal we got a call.  She called one of my bridesmaids (we were all best friends) and was sobbing.  She had been in a car accident.  The car she borrowed from a friend was totaled.  She was in the hospital.  She was not going to make it to the wedding.

All I cared about was that she was ok- we were ready to drive to Kentucky right then!   She assured us that she was ok, they were going to release her from the hospital that night, and her mom was coming down from Chicago to get her.  She was so broken up about not being at the wedding.  this is another moment where the girls prepared for a birdezilla I was so sad that she was in pain.  

We all prayed for her at the rehearsal.  She did end up being ok, but it took an emotional toll on her.  She felt horrible guilt.  It took months before we spoke again.  She didn't even want to talk to me the day of the wedding because she felt so bad.  

Taylor, I want you to know that I still love you.  You did not ruin my wedding day.  I missed you.  More than anything else all I wanted was to be sure you were ok.  You were a dear friend to me.  I'm sorry it all happened the way it did.  

PS- sorry about the two posts a day thing... I have so much wedding to share!  (and time to write at the moment) 

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  1. Wow, how horrible! I hope you guys are okay now, she should not feel guilty at all. <3


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