Saturday, July 16, 2011

how do you move?

We are so lost, and so overwhelmed!  We still don't know where we are moving too (we probably won't until that week).  We are still living here, and we are putting all of our things in storage while finding a more permanent pace to live.  (We will have a home by september- unless we move to Abu Dabi- then I have no idea.)  

I packed the things I don't need a the moment (teaching stuff, winter clothing)- but most other things we use here and there--- So the quesiton is- HOW DO WE DO IT?  

What order should be pack things up in?  Where should we start?  How have you done it in the past?  What re some tips you have or lessons you have learned?  How did you do it and not spend a ton of money? 

Can you help us? 


  1. I've always packed everything except what I knew I needed for the days before the move. And I started with the kitchen since it's the most time-consuming and since it has to be wrapped carefully. ;)

    Hope that helps!

  2. I'm sad you are leaving Cincy! You should definitely try to get to Grand Finale while you are still in town...their desserts are amazing...especially the cream puff or if you are into rich chocolate desserts, the Chocolate paradise! Good luck with your move. My advice is to try and be as organized as you can while you pack so it's easier and all together when you unpack!


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