Saturday, March 26, 2011

a concussion (3 years earlier)

this is a story about a girl, a boy, and many hours in hospitals

3 years ago I was in Greece with my university choral.  We were traveling there for spring break.  One night we were singing in an old beautiful church near Macedonia.  I was feeling ill and after the performance I went upstairs to try to rest and find some sugar before  I passed out.  Finally the 'go-ahead' was made for the chorale to change.

I heard the guys coming- 3 of them.  I stopped to see who it was.  There in the middle was the boy I liked.  A handsome young man a year ahead of me.  And a dear friend of mine.  He and I locked eyes- and he bounded (or leaped) up the stairs towards me then- BANG- SMACK.
me and the cute boy in Greece

He hit his head on the low hanging ceiling then smacked down to the ground.  He was out cold.  Our other friend thought he was joking and picked up his hand and dropped it to the ground.  But it just made a thud.  He was unconscious.

Now by this time word had spread that we were allowed to get out of dresses and tuxes so others were on their way up.  Our resident EMT (No joke, there was one in the Choir) came by his side as our resident doctor and nurse made their way up to him.  I just stood there, watching- giggling actually because I had no idea what to do.  I was freaking out.

He was taken to the ER by our guide and a church member.  (Remember, we were in Greece, no English going on there.)  The rest of us went back to our hotel on the beach near Mt Olympus.  I could not sleep.  I just wanted him to come back so that I would know he was ok.  I was so scared.  By our dear friends reminded me of the sleep I needed.

Apparently, while he was at the hospital he kept saying my name over and over, and asking for me.  But I did not learn this until much later.

Over the next few days I stayed with him.  He would randomly pass out as we walked around.  (Post-concussion syndrome as he was later diagnosed)  We sat next to each other as we drove through the entire country.  Since he had his sense knocked out of him he decided to tell me that he liked me.  I was a freshman in college on an international trip, with a boy I had just spent the entire week with.  He did not like me, i was just the girl that was there.  (and that is what I told him).

When we returned he had to be hospitalized again.  This time, I stayed with him.  I was the one contacting his parents.  I was the one going to the various tests with him at several different hospitals.  I stayed next to his bed.  I never left.

On April 1st he was released and we had dinner in the dinning hall with our friends.  It could no longer be denied.  We were more than friends.  I never left his side after that concussion 3 years ago.  And now we are living happily ever after wonderfully married with our new puppy.

our happy family

I am so glad he got the sense knocked out of him and decided I was worth his wonderful love.

(check back on Thursday for what happens after April 1st)


  1. what a great story! hope ya'll are living happily ever after! :D

  2. I found your blog from a blog hop and am having fun reading! Believe it or not I have a kind of similar story about the first year with my now husband! Oh concussions. We also just got married this summer after graduation!

    Nice to meet ya! Looking forward to reading more!



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