Tuesday, May 17, 2011

2 hour drive for a root canal

I know I am a bit crazy.  Yesterday I woke up and my jaw was swollen- massively swollen.  I went to the dentist behind my house, he said it would be 2,000 dollars.  I freaked.  I cried on the walk home, and while sitting on the couch.  I called my husband, he calmed me down enough to speak.  He thought a second opinion would be good. 

There is a dentist that I have been going to since I got my big girl teeth.  He is amazing.  He also is a wonderful man and is letting us finance this deal.  I got up this morning took the dog to his 'k9 country club' where he would be staying all day and night (it broke my heart to leave him- but that is another story).  I then drove down to a church and worked for 3 hours with 2 year olds.  Finally I made the long trek home (ok it was just 2 hours, but still) and made it to my beloved dentist. 

He got me in, confirmed I needed a root canal, and got started.  He really put me at ease too- which is a feat as I was about in tears all day.  He got through half of it then told me that he wanted to wait until the morning so that the infection  and swelling could go down before finishing.  He is coming in early to get this done. 

I had already planned on spending the night- I mean this is where I grew up, I kind of owe it to my parents to stay with them.  So, here I am.  In my old bedroom with almost nothing that belongs to me, and a massive lump on my jaw (much better than before though!) 

I love that my parents still spoil me.  Tonight my mom and I made a 'quick trip' to kohls... we were going to set a time limit, but then got distracted. I walked out of there with a new purse, a wristlet (mom thinks it's a nifty wallet to match the purse) and a clearance sweater (white with navy stripes at the collars- very nautical preppy).  My dad made me a shake after I was unable to eat our beloved potato soup (this so needs a post!).

Now if only I had my hubby and my puppy.  It's been two nights, three days since I last slept.  I am really hoping I get to tonight... on that note- good night!

you can barley see the jawbreaker stuck on the left cheek there!  (ok in real life it is huge, people stare)

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  1. Oh, man! Root canals suck! I had one in March and ended up spending $1,800 dollars ($1,800 dollars that I didn't have to spend) on one. At least you got to visit with your parents!


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