Wednesday, May 4, 2011

a royal tea party- the event!

party goers!
This past Saturday was the big event I have been planning for almost 2 weeks!  These are the pics from the fabulous event!  We had so much fun watching it and commenting through the entire thing!  This was not something to watch alone, and I had so much fun sharing it with the girls.  

the kitchen

table setting pre-food

other side of kitchen with more bunting.  For the bunting I took a few sheets of scrapbook paper and folded it half and corner to corner.  Each page gave be four triangles.  These were just stapled together, the others were hole punched and then ribbon poked through.

kiddie corner- however, the two were not able to make it.  This included, crown coloring pages, a coloring book, bubbles, construction paper, safety scissors, glue, and 15 childrens books at 3-6 year old level.

even the tv got a veil

sign on the bathroom door
flags made to line the sidewalk.  Used dole rods, and printed union jacks

the sidewalk

our spread... after we dug in

my tea part attire
the parting favor


  1. So fun! You look great by the way.

  2. oh my gosh girl! You did such a great job decorating! Looks like a lovely party...and wasn't the wedding so fun?!

  3. please visit-


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