Friday, December 30, 2011

I'm back....

Well it took about a month for all of our computer systems to get back up and running, but the newest addition to our family has been fantastic to me. The iPad, I love it! It treats me well, and goes with me everywhere. It already has become like family to me :)

In the past month in the classroom we did an inquiry unit. This means that all 23 of my firsties were researching, annotating, text coding, and preparing for a presentation on their own. I was just there as a guide, and it was SO much fun! Our semester ended on the 16th with a snow themed winter party. There should be drinks provided to first year teachers during this party! And I wasn't even in change! I get to see their cute faces again on the 3rd. It's been a good break (and well needed). And now I can go back to them forgetting all the things that frustrate me, and be reenergized.

Christmas with the Newley-Whits was fantastic! We really went all out for each other. Our tree was o er flowing! We had so much fun too. We spent eve with my parents and grandma, day at my parents house (including a bucket of margaritas, a bottle of patron, and a hot tub, yeah-my parents know how to party.) the next day we went up and sent the day with the rst of my family. It was at this time that my aunt and cousin announced they were expecting! My aunt has been trying for almost 10 years! I am so excited! And my cousin has been married for 3 years, and her sister had a baby a month or so ago.

Now for the important stuff, some pictures...... Now if only I could figure out how to add them from my iPad....(help please)

Friday, December 2, 2011

What's Cookin'?

I wish I could find the blog that I got his idea from- If it was you please comment at the bottom!  ((And THANK YOU!))

I needed a bulletin board for November.  My board space that I needed to fill is 6.5 feet by 13 feet.  Its in a busy hall so nothing too 3D.  I found this fantastic idea here in blog land (what a wonderful place). 

Each student told a parent volunteer how they would cook a thanksgiving turkey if it was their job for Thanksgiving this year.  The parent scribed what they wrote- and it was hilarious!  Another parent volunteered to type it up that night (talk about no fuss for me!)  and the last step was for the students to decorate it!  It turned out great!  File this one away under things to do next year (and I will file it away under be a better blogger and post this November 2nd instead of December 2nd.)

I decided that I needed a friend on this board, so I made this little guy as I was putting it together- he's taller than some of the first graders in my class....

Wednesday, November 30, 2011

What we have been up to in Room 9

I live in Room 9- aka my classroom.  The other day I slept on the futon in my room.  I keep a pantry in there too- it really is my second (or first) home.

 Here are a few peaks into what life has been like in room 9 lately...

Me on a Map Unit

Me on a Map Unit

We collected enough canned food to line every hall way of our school!  A post on the bulletin board is coming soon!

We made turkeys for grandparent's breakfast.  The paper is a writing from a prompt "You just found out Farmer Fred is planning on eating you (the turkey) for Thanksgiving!  What will you do?"

Building with base ten blocks, the recording how many were used

transferring patterns from geobards to paper

Sums turkeys!  Each student was given a name (10 for example) and they had to write sums of that number!

Saturday, November 26, 2011

Where did November go?

Several weeks ago my computer crashed.  Have I even called in to get it fixed yet- no.  Where did this month go?!?!  I feel like it was literally last week that I was doing report cards (That was the 1st week of October for me....) and now we are trying to fit in our assessments before the next round of reposrt cards  (Our semester ends December 15th)!

I miss you all, and your inspiration to be crafty, creative, loving, caring, and thoughtful.  I really will try to be better, but for now, please bare with me as I finish out my first semster as a teacher!  :)

Last weekend (the week before Thanksgiving) we had been looking forward to the event of the year "Friendsgiving".  Friendsgiving was created our last year of college.  All of our closest friends gathered in a tiny apartment and cooked a full thanksgiving meal together.  It was a blast!!  We loved it so much that it became an annual thing.  It is the one time of year where all of us can see each other.  While everyone is moving away, we still will get together then.  We had not seen some of these people in over a year and were very excited to be able to be together for an entire weekend! 

However, just a few days before Hubby's Grandmother passed away.  It was very sudden as in she has been the same for a long time.  At the same time however, we have known that ti was coming as she Alzheimers gets worse each week (and it has been for several years).  Tickets just to fly out for the funeral were 450 each!  Hubster went, and I stayed home.  All of our plans for the next few weeks changed. 

Normally when things change I don't like it.  I love making plans, and keeping them.  That may sound funny since I am a teacher and my plans change during the day every 5 minutes (or less)- but I think that's why I like having my plans in life so set.  I was happy that I didn't find myself upset by all of the changes (including not seeing my family at all for thanksgiving).  I was sad that I was unable to go to friendsgiving.  We hope that this will encourage us to make plans with these friends soon. 

Thanksgiving we spent with Hubby's family.  His brother stayed in town from Oregon since the funeral.  It was a true American Thanksgiving with just the five of us (a nice change from years past as my inlaws always invite 7 different Chinese students each year).  We had a lot of fun, lots to eat, and lots to drink (entire bottle of Maker's Mark.....).  However it was interesting to see how Hubby's dad handled the first holiday just days after his mothers passing.  If in 25 years my husband is half the man his father is I will be one lucky lady. 

Wednesday, November 16, 2011

lincon park zoo

have you ever been to the Lincon Park Zoo in Chicago?  It's a free public zoo (minus parking) and it is incredible!  By far and away the best was to spend 17 bucks in Chicago!

We love the African Exhibit!  But the best part of the zoo had nothing to do with what the zoo had to offer, but rather who was there.  Everywhere we went we saw awesome parents!  They were making everything and educational activity.  They were all so attentive to their children.  They played along with all of the silly things to get the kids excited about learning!  It was so flippin cool to see!!  I wasn't too surprised that I noticed since I noticed parents and kids all the time, but when the Hubster noticed I knew it was serious!  Thank you to all of those parents for being amazing examples to us, and fantastic reminders that kids don't have to be rotten stink-pots :)

Sunday, November 13, 2011

that dumb broken computer (and a wedding)

so my computer busted last week- like won't turn on at all kind of busted.  and we just got it a few months ago (refurbished but still!  it's a mac!)
all of this time without my computer has left me staying later at school to get work done, and left my hobby of blogging in the wind.

oh how i miss you all.  I literally sat at my computer at school just now for 1 hour looking through posts for the past week and a half!  (and it's sunday night, so that is just not ok for me to be at school!)

it look as if it will be a few more weeks until i get everything back up and running again.  on the upside I recently uploaded a million pictures to my school computer- so not all is lost :)

Last weekend I wasn't very focused on my computer because my dear friend from college was getting married!!  The hubby and I drove up to Chicago for the weekend- and it was fantastic!  Please  enjoy the pictures- it was such a beautiful fall wedding- and would not have been more perfectly fitted to the two of them!

the head table

cutting the cake

the first dance

so in love!

father and daughter

the 'sign-in' (finger print tree)

garter (yes, that is the groom pulling out an old shoes- among other things from the dress)


the happy couple on their send off!
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