30 before 30

I have decided I should be more ambitious!  I am setting goals that are beyond today, and sharing them with you all.  These are the 30 things I want to do before August 12 2018. (in no particular order)

1. fly a plane
2. buy a house
3. get another puppy to be friends with Remy
4. have a kitchen with an island
5. grow a lilac bush (or any other flowering bush)
6. have a formal dinner party
7. be in a wedding
8. go back to where we had our honeymoon
9. travel europe with the hubbs (again)
10. have a teaching contract
11. see a game at Fenway Park
12. vaca at excalibur in mexico
13. go on a mission trip, and do some good- not be a tourist
14. ethiopia. must go. must serve. must learn.
15. go to a night club (never have been!) does a posh bar in downtown count?  There was dancing!
16. go on a shopping spree
17.go on a camping trip with hubby and puppy
18. get an anniversary band... ok this one could wait a couple more years
19. have a walk-in-closet
20. get professional family portraits
21. attend a wine tasting in a vineyard
22. buy a new vera bradley bag
23. hike a mountain
24. visit the east coast
25. stick my toes in the pacific ocean (again... but the last time was in 2005)
26. attend a black tie event (or something similar)
27. eat at haufbrough in germany
28. go on a vacation with friends
29. get and use a sewing machine (But it broke before I could make my skirt)
30. get pregnant- I don't have to have the kid before my 30th birthday, but I would like to be expecting before the day comes.


  1. you flew a plane? that's impressive girly!

  2. I want to do so many of those things too! Minus the sewing machine. I don't have such great luck with those.


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