Thursday, May 26, 2011

rehearsal dinner

The wedding was in my hometown.  The payment plan for the wedding was very traditional.  My husband and I are very spoiled.  My parents paid for the entire wedding, and his paid for the rehearsal and honeymoon.  We are blessed beyond belief, and we do acknowledge this.  It is thanks to our parents (and scholarships) that we graduated debt free from college.  Thank you parents for setting us up for success!

Back to the rehearsal.  His parents come to down one weekend to find a restaurant for the rehearsal dinner.  This was full of drama.  His mom wanted to know all kinds of crazy details that I just didn't have yet.  She was very pushy- she was the bridzilla!  But Hubby stood up for me, and got her to back off.  When he did this it was the moment that my mom was ok with me getting married as she saw that he would take any stand to protect me.

His parents had a few places in mind.... but we lived there, and we knew they were kind of trashy.  We had to think fast about another place to take them.  Right before they left town we went to Maggiano's.

We all loved it!  Because my dad is in the mafia and knows everyone everywhere they set us up with a free tasting and private tour.  We all loved it!  And I was so happy to have this be the place for our rehearsal dinner!

There was a little bit of family drama as I did not know if my biological father was going to go or not (or have his wife and two daughters join him).  My mother-in-law made place cards for everyone... which made him feel pretty bad when he did not have a place card.  This was my only freak out moment of the wedding weekend.  But my wonderful friends made it all better as I mingled and enjoyed the time together.

Ok Picture time!
going through the motions for the rehearsal

us at dinner

me with all the men from his family (apparently blue was the theme)

some of the bridal party (the two on the left are getting married this summer, and the two on the right were married in 08)

bridesmaid, bridesmaid, and maid of honor


opening gifts

my parents- seriously, how gorgeous is my mom!


  1. You guys sure are lucky! Tomorrow is our rehearsal dinner and we had such a hard time finding a restaurant so basically, we're going to wing it. We considered Maggianos but traffic will be crazy at that time. Anyway, you look STUNNING at yours and yo mama sure is purty. :)


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