Monday, May 30, 2011

our first anniversary- gifts, fashion, fun

I was planning on getting up early and making a surprise breakfast for our anniversary on Sunday.  Puppy was being loud so this was not happening.  I did still make some delicious chocolate, chocolate chip pancakes.

He went off to work and I did some crafting, went to the pool, took puppy on a few short walks, and then got pretty.  Hubby came home and got ready then we opened gifts!  I received a lovely crystal lamp from Waterford crystal.  I gave him a red sox theme set of gifts.  1) a t-shirt, it's sweet, 2) a stress-ball, 3) a pilsner glass, 4) a keyfob, 5) the big one- a huge canvas print of a picture he took at fenway
beautiful artwork can be found here at Hue and Hum!  What a wonderful giveaway to win!  Seriously check out this blog!

his gift set

my big box
my new lamp

his new art

Fashinistas here is my shout out to my outfit!  I wore a white cotton dress with tons of detail!

To dress it up I wore my wedding jewlery.  which included come CZ earrings, bracelet, and my great grandmother's necklace.

I also wore a pashmina as a cover up because I am always cold in restaurants!  And I took my purple one because that lilac color was one of our wedding colors (Lilac, Olive Green and White)

We had fun at Primavista and then went home to enjoy the last few pieces of our wedding cake, and a bottle of champagne from the wedding.

Here's to the first year or marriage!  How much longer to we get to be called newlyweds (seeing as I am 22, I think it will be a while ;)


  1. how romantic!! That dress is gorgeous, especially on you! Don't think it would have looked quite as good on me... :) I'm so glad you love the print! Hooray! :)

  2. aww another may 29 2010 wedding date! happy anniversary to you two!! adorable dress you have for your date out :)

  3. Your white dress is very lovely and I love the intricate details! Happy anniversary. :)

  4. Love the dress and the idea of wearing your jewelry! What a wonderful anniversary!

    Blog hopping and came across yours... enjoying reading your blog! :)

  5. So. I thought I followed you way back a million years ago when you left me the sweetest comment. Apparently blogger has been hating me since then because I SWEAR I did. ANYWAY. I'm following you now, no thanks to blogger, AND HAPPY ANNIVERSARY!!! What a beautiful couple you are. I love your dress and I love that picture of Fenway. =] I'm a Red Sox fan, too.


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