Monday, May 23, 2011

camping adventure, take 2

Well we rolled into the campgrounds to find a parking spot, and a picnic table on gravel next to it.  The woman working said (in a thick kentucky accent) "Well, ya'll can pitch a tent on the gravel, we done it before".  Not sure how we were suppose to do that one.

Luckily when we were leaving the climb site we saw that there was on site camping (primitive, the way we like it).  We talked to the woman who ran the place, and she said that she had 25 boyscouts coming, but we were welcome to one of the sites if we needed!  She told us how to get in late in case she was out.  She even said we could pay in the morning if she wasn't there (how trusting of her!)

We decided to take our chances with the boyscouts- we are so happy about this decision!  We didn't hear the boys until morning, and we had a blast at our secluded campsite with a waterfall behind us!

My husband said his tent slept 2-3, there were three of us so we decided we could fit... not a recommendation- we spooned (all three of us) all night.  What a bonding experience!

One of the girls had taken a pretty intense camping course in college, and she was our fire chief- she started it with flint!  And she kept it going with very little anything!  (everything in the woods were wet!)

the awesome embers as we were trying to put it out

The next day we went on a hike around the camp site, then to state park.  We thought we were going for an easy walk- but ended up on a challenging 2.5 hour hike!  After we had a picnik then headed home for another grooling drive!
hiking around the campsite

the state park- natural bridge

All in all it was a great trip, and a great way to spend my commencement weekend (as others were walking across the stage, I was walking across cliffs!)

My first interview is today at 10:20- I believe in the power of prayer!

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