Sunday, May 22, 2011

Camping adventure

We had spent 6 weeks 'planning' a camping trip for 7 people in my small group.  And by planning I mean one girl knew the area and set stuff up for us.  From the moment we started to plan it, there were problems.

While I was out getting a root canal, word spread that the tent we were planning to borrow was busted and we were out of a tent.  By the time I got home, everyone assumed it was canceled (even though I own a tent, and there are a million people that would let us borrow one).  So we got it back on track with me picking up a few tents.

Then the night before we left, about 12 hours before, everyone decided they couldn't go!  I was crushed, and a bit ticked.  At that moment one of the girls called me saying "are we sill on, can we still go?"  I said of course, and we remade plans.  There ended up being three of us total, instead of the 11 that were going to meet up.

Traffic was crazy and we almost didn't get down there- the 2.5 hour trip took 4 hours!  But we made it and we went rock climbing!

see that rock behind us, yeah we climbed it

We left to set up camp.... but our reservations (for tent camping) were set at an RV site!  Come back tomorrow for what we did!

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