Monday, May 9, 2011

Anniversary- Gifts and Get-ups

With just 20 days until our anniversary I have been on overdrive to get stuff done.

Task One: find a gift.
This was a challenge because I wanted to get him something that he will tresure for a long time to come, something he could look at years down the road and say "B got that for me for our 1st anniversary".  I finally thought I had come up with a good idea.  Turn a picture that he took at Fenway Park into a canvas print!  The next day, he said he wouldn't mind having a framed picture of fenway, and told me the size (36x24).  Then he talked himself out of it, and said he didn't want it yet, that is for our future home.  I was crushed, he took all the surprise out of it, and then decided he didn't want it!  But I moved on, and it is the only idea I have.  So, I am send the image to see what the artists think of blowing it up that big, since it is not of professional quality and all, this might not work.  I also got him a Boston key fob to use as the bow.  He needed something to hang his keys on.
we both love this picture that he took, and someday we will have a red sox themed bar in our house... when we get a house

Task Two: Figure out what to wear!
I was planning on wearing the white dress I wore to the rehearsal dinner.... but um, well... it's a bit too snug for that.  I have been wanting a new dress, and decided if I were ever going to break down and spend money (remember- i get sick at the thought of spending money) it would be for our anniversary.  I looked and looked for dresses, but all of them were over (or around) 100 bucks!  AHHH!  Finally I found a high end store that had a huge selection, and were super nice.  I tried on the dress 3 times, and made Hubby come over from work to see it.  It was $49.99, that's a big purchase for me!  I am very happy with it! Because it is cotton is can be dressed up or down.  Pair it with a colorful cardigan and it will be my outfit for a summer wedding, a different jacket and tada I can wear it to teach in (ok that is pushing it, but it is only two inches above the knee, and goes over the knees when I sit)

I found this dress at 3 stores for three different prices, only Macy's has it listed online (for much less than they had it in store!)

I hope the picture thing works out, but I have a feeling it won't.  There is one other I could do, but it would have to be smaller.  I'm still open to ideas here!  (If you know of a good place to get it done, let me know that too!)

option b for photo to canvas print


  1. I would try Costco if there's one by you. We got our wedding canvas print and it was amazing quality ;)

  2. congrats on the anniversary coming up! time flies, does it not?


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