Sunday, May 29, 2011

our first year

the moment right after our first kiss

Today is our 1 year anniversary!  Yay!  We made it through the first year.  Most people say that the first year is the hardest.  We did have our ups and downs as we learned how to live with each other, but it has been a wonderful year.

What we've been through
  • moving, starting from scratch with a new place (the first place of our own in our lives)
  • not having a paycheck the first 3 months of marriage
  • getting a puppy
  • our crazy neighbors who made us want to move out before our lease was up (we did stick through)
  • months and months of me student teaching during the day, him working into the night, and not seeing each other for days even though we slept in the same bed
  • 5 days apart in the first month of marriage for his work training
  • 1 month apart in January
  • 5 more days apart in May
  • ingrown toenail- which was found on our wedding night- and surgury
  • knee injury (then the other a month later)
  • root canal and jaw surgery
  • learning to cook
  • learning to clean
  • buying a car
  • loss of a close family member
  • searching for jobs
  • not finding jobs
  • more searching, and more not finding
  • searching for new rentals in IN and OH
  • 6 job interviews (5 for him, one for me)
  • learning to be less of a tight-wad
  •  friends getting married
  • friends getting pregnant
  • My birthday, Halloween, Thanksgiving, Christmas, His birthday, Easter- all celebrated
  • my adventure as a new blogger
  • puppy potty training
  • obedience school
  • working out differences in beliefs of family, keeping a home, and money
  • nights on the couch
  • many dates with movies at home (thank you red box and netflix)
  • ordering pizza when my dinner didn't work out (that's the experiment part)
  • walks in the park
  • getting puppy in the water
  • gaining weight
  • joining a gym
  • being the only people we knew in town for months (only knowing each other i mean)
  • little arguments over things we couln'd remember an hour later
  • learning what the other needs most when stressed or upset
  • one car accident
  • one tornado (that actually missed us)
  • flooding in the house
  • a leak in the bathroom
  • loosing electricity
  • not going on a date for 4 months to save money
  • making a pact to date at least once a month, and a time for sex once a week (remember we didn't see each other for days)
  • 0 pregnancy scares YAY!
  • morning waking up next to each other and smiling
  • thinking for months that i will wake to from this dream
our first year has been crazy.  i wouldn't change it for anything.  I am so happy to be married to my best friend.  one year down, many more to go

i love you john, i have and i always will.


  1. happy anniverasary! i can't wait for my first anniversary eleven months from now:-) im glad that you and yours have been able to make it through the ups and downs.

  2. Aw, happy anniversary! We got married just a week apart! Here's to many more wonderful years!

  3. Aww. Happy anniversary you two! :)


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