Saturday, May 14, 2011

anniversary gift- decision time

Alright, the time has come for me to make a decision on what to get for Hubby for our 1st anniversary.

I have decided on a red sox theme.  He talked about loving me more than the red sox in his vows, it's a big deal in our house.  Our puppy even has a Red Sox name- 20 bucks to who knows how Remy is a Sox name!

So far I have gotten him:
a Key Fod (since he got a new car this year, and thus a big boy key chain),

and a  Red Sox Stress Ball.

Next on the list is a beer glass- the choices: A pilsner, the Samuel Adams (Boston) Glass, or something super generic that I can find in a store around town

But the big gift is the canvas print.  I decided to make a huge 36x24 print of a picture he took at Fenway Park.  However, it is not super quality as he did not have a very good camera at the time.  I am really worried that it won't look look blown up that large.  The place does have a money back guarantee, so that makes me feel better about spending 100 bucks on it.  Or I could go the cheaper rout and get a smaller print from a generic game a Fenway from Target.  I don't think it looks super nice, but is it 60 bucks less!  Target print here: FENWAY PARK PRINT

Oh the decisions!  All need to be made by Monday night!!  Ekk (love your thoughts here!)

**Update: I made my decision, I found a panoramic size that I had not thought of (saved some money and still got to order the picture he took)  Hope it works!

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