Monday, May 2, 2011

Alrredy Cafe

Be warned I have three posts I could put up today.. As soon as my camera cord is found!!

Here is one with photo's from online!

On this cloudy sad day in Ohio I had to wake up early to go in for a pap smere, pelvic exam, and mammogram. Sad day.  There is nothing I hate more than this type of doctor's visit (ok, the dental work is up there too).  To reward myself I went to this little coffee shop near my house that I have been staring at for almost a year now. 

This place is fair trade certified!  They sell bags of Fair Trade Winds Coffee beans!  It is local and independantly owned.  They uses Boar's Head meats in thier foods (so good. must have.)  The place has such a homey feel to it as well.  I was in heaven for the few minutes I spent there.
view from across the street of Depot Square

At Depot Square

The pastry Case... just the beginning!

This place is so good!  I would recommend that anyone in the Sharonville, OH area look into it!  ASAP!  All info and pictures found here.

I worked at a locally owned cafe for 8 years!  I started a few weeks before I turned 16!  I worked in the same location under 4 different owners!  I was the only one hired back each time.  I loved working there.  I take great pride in locally owned places and to this day hate going to a starbucks.  I like to order hand crafted drinks (just like how I prefer to by handmade products).  This place uses the same brands of flavors, the same meats, the same organic and locally grown products (ok we were from differnt states, but the idea is the same).  The icing on the cake was that I worked at a historic building that was the old railroad station for historic Ft. Benjamen Harrison, and this is located at this historical depote square.  I felt at home for the first time in a year!
my own photo of Depot Square

My old coffee shop

hard at work (home on a break from college, they always let me behind the counter)

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  1. ill have that cinnamin bun lookin thing!! i love local places and they are very overlooked @ times.. The best things i have received came and still comes from locals and their small buisnesses glad someone else agrees!


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