Meet the Whity Wife

A little about me....

I an a newlywed learning the ends and outs of being a young married couple.  We married the week after our college graduation and are experiencing the journey of life together.  We have a Cairn Terrier pup which we got in August 2010.  We love our little family.  

This is the story of us, marriage, puppy parenting, crafting, teaching, and life.  We are truly blessed (by God) to have our lives.  I pray that you would see a little of his light through us. 

Why I blog:
     I blog because it is a way to express things that I am feeling/ learning.  I blog for the support of others.  I blog to learn and invest in others, to encourage on another.  I blog for the fun of it!

Time Line_____________________________________________
Graduated from high school in May 07
Started College June 07
Met the man of my dreams Aug 07
He finally remembered my name/ we became friends Jan of 08
We started dating April 08
Got engaged Feb 09
Graduated college May 10
Married the man of my dreams May 10 (the week after graduation)
Moved to a new state June 10
Got a puppy Aug 10
Student taught Fall of 10
Finished final class Jan 11
Began Nanny Feb 11
Began blogging Feb 11

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