Wednesday, May 25, 2011

wedding dress shopping

This week all posts (ok, all posts starting today) are wedding related!

We got engaged February 28th, 2009.  We set the date in April 2009, and by July- I still had done nothing to plan a wedding.  My mom was amazing.  She did all the research and work, then would bring me a couple of choices and that was it!  It was so relaxing to choose from 3 things rather than everything that was out there, and since my mom narrowed the field I knew it was all in good taste and in our budget!

However, in July my mom got a bit frustrated that I hadn't done anything.  You see, by the time the school year was up, I had only asked one girl to be in the wedding party, and that was my then roommate- soon to be maid of honor.  We took one Saturday that spring semester to go dress shopping, and by shopping i mean looking.  I had no intention of buying a dress. 
Maid of honor and me, don't know why it won't rotate- it's not saved this way :(

momma and me

the favorite dress of the day, and I revisited this dress again in July

This takes us back to July, still no dress, still no plans.  My mom and I were sitting in the office going over wedding things.  We started to get into a little bit of a fight and the end fo that fight went like this
Mom: This is your wedding, you need to do something!
Me: What do you want me to do, you tell me, and I will do it!
Mom: You have to pick out your dress!  I can't do that for you!
Me: Fine.  Let's go right now.

And with that we left.  We were not in a great mood, but we were getting stuff done.  As soon as we got to the store our moods had changed (we never stay mad long, a 15 minute drive was enough to get us happy again).  We started placing taggers on the hangers of dresses we liked for the people to get them to the fitting room for us.  There was one dress on a pedestal.  It was champagne color.  I loved it.  But it was too much.  We tagged it anyways (never try on a dress you can't afford).

After trying on the dresses the one that was out of budget was to die for.  I loved it.  It was perfect.  The lady working with me was super nice.  She was a TU grad as well, and her Dad was my hubby's professor!  Small world.

I started to panic.  I was going to buy a dress today, and there was no one there but me and mom.  The lady told us how much we would save if we bought it that day.  But there was still one other dress that was very similar, and 200 bucks less (see picture of the favorite dress from the first day).  They let us leave, and we would return with my dad later that day.

It was a tough decision.  Especially since I make every decision based on "Which one costs less?".  My mom had to convince me that with the savings we could afford it, and I was worth the extra money. 

Dad joined us back at the store and by then the decision was made, this was my dress.  And I am still in love with it!


  1. Your dress is so beautiful! I love the neckline!

  2. You got engaged on the day we got married! How fun :) Your dress is beautiful!


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