Tuesday, May 3, 2011

AW Give-a-way

I won!  A few weeks ago I found out that I won my first ever give-a-way!  I was so excited!  Especially because these things are not for me, but for my family!  About 10 years ago my aunt found out she was pregnant a few months prior to graduating high school.  Going to a Christian school she would have been kicked out if anyone found out.  She kept it a secret until the week after graduation.  She was not able to be truly excited about the entire even of her pregnancy at that time.

10 years later she has married the most perfect man for her, and her son is thriving.  They are doing well and expecting a baby girl in August!  With this being her second child, and so many others expecting at the same time, I really wanted to give her some baby girl things to show our excitement for her!

I am obsessed with handmade.  Etsy is my checking account killer.  But this was such a blessing!!

First of all, you all must MUST go to the site, AW Designs!  There are so many adorable things: burpcloths, onesies, headbands, clips, hats, and wreaths- all so adorable!!!  I can't get enough!

Second you have to visit the wonderful maker, Allison!!  She has a great blog and is such a sweet person.

And lastly I have to share my amazing gifts!  Sorry for the poor pictures there is no light outside from the storms, and the light in our house is very yellow (calm for the livingroom, but horrid for pictures!)

This arrived while I was at the doctor (remember that post, this made it better)
My winnings!  Burp Cloth and Headband!
the other side of the cloth is the softest felt (and matched the rose on the headband)
upclose of headband- so adorable!
So really people- hit these up AW Designs (they are having a sale, and prices are below those mass produced in factories!) and be sure to follow Allison too!  Thank you!!

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  1. Ah you are SO sweet!!! Thank you so much. I am so glad you like it and I am so glad it is going to such an amazing family. Hugs!


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