Monday, May 16, 2011

what a day!!!!!! wow

So, I woke up this morning and my entire lower left jaw was swollen!  Big time swollen!  Scared my husband type of swollen!  I have had some tooth pain for about a week now, I thought at first that I was grinding my teeth at night (something I do when I am stressed), but then I had a sharp pain.  I thought  I had a cavity and called a bunch of DDS but no one called back.  On saturday I found another.  I called in this morning, and they set an appointment for 3pm- luckily there was a cancellation!  I was in by 11!! 

While there I found out that I did not have a cavity.. no I have an abscess.  What does this mean?  Well it means that I have a dead tooth and the roots are becoming inflamed, and i need a root canal. asap. 

not my xray- but you can see the abscess, kinda like mine
Well I almost broke down into tears in front of the dentist.  You see, I don't have dental insurance.  We finally have 10,000 to our name.  (now you know what is in all of our combined bank accounts- fun!)  I hate spending money.  So aside from crying in front of the doc, I almost passed out when he told me it would be 2,000 bucks.  WTF!!!!! 

I cried the whole way home, and I tried to tell Hubs what happened (but with a swollen Jaw I am now doing much talking- swallowing, eating, etc)  We both decided that a second opinion would be good since we don't know this doc.

I went to the same DDS all my life.  He is a very good family friend.  He was even at our wedding... actually his wife hosted my bridal shower and HE catered it!  no joke!  (Also, he went into the office to see me 24 hours before my wedding because I had a serious tooth ache... turned out it was from grinding my teeth from stress).  Well, he lives in Indy, I live in Cincy.  So I am driving over to Indy tomorrow to get a root canal (or whatever he thinks is best).  He will work with us on payments and will be really nice. 

While at home sulking about the fact that each time i move anything my jaw hurts- I got a call.  I didn't know the number, but I never pass up a call.  You never know when it will be an opportunity!  I sure am glad I did not pass this one up!  IT WAS A SCHOOL!! 

Remember my other post about how I was frustrated and burnt out about applying for jobs because I cant even get a worthless interview... well thank you to whomever said a little prayer- MY FIRST REAL TEACHING JOB INTERVIEW IS MONDAY AT 10:20!) 

I am overjoyed!  It is the only position I have found to be listed between the Ohio River and Dayton.  I am going into this with a realistic attitude, there are hundreds of teachers here who just lost their jobs in the past couple of weeks.  There are hundreds more who are from the area and are graduating.  This is just the first interview. 

But it's at a great school, and it would keep us here, and my husband could keep his awesome job, and I would still be near friends, and we wouldn't have to start our lives over again, and we would still be by family. 

Other than wanting to be his wife, there is nothing I have wanted more in my life thus far than this.  Wow.  Keep the prayers going, they are doing something! 


  1. Aw, I'm sorry about your tooth but very excited for your job interview!!

  2. Yay for the interview!!!! I have been in your shoes so hang in there. Cincinnati is a tough market for schools...I lost my job last year and did the whole job search thing again and finally have a spot that is worth it all. Where is your interview??

  3. I cried on my way home from the dentist last week TOO! I don't have dental insurance, and she told me I have SIX (yes, six) cavities! I feel your pain (literally).

  4. Mariemont is awesome! Good luck! Have you ever been to the little theater in Mariemont next to Graeters? It is so cute.

  5. GIRL! I feel like you got this! I can feel it! You and I have been struggling this year ... but I think it's time for all that to turn around! I'm praying for you continually and rubbing some of my job luck on you via blogger :) You can do this! Go in there confidently and like Bethenny would say "in a place of YES" Yes you can do this Yes you will get a job! I hope your tooth gets better and Good Luck! Rock it!


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