Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Root Canal + 2 hour drive: take 2!

Well I finally got a little sleep last night!  (this makes a total of 8 hours for the past 2 nights!)  I was so grateful to sleep for almost 6 hours!!  The pain has really gone down!

I had a little more baby food (mixed berries and banana) before heading off to the dentist.  We got down to business right away and I was done in less than an hour!  Root canals really have a bad rap- they are not as painful as people say they are (brother-in-law was right!)  I may still have to cancel my amazing camping/hiking/rock-climbing trip that my small group has been planning for over a month.  I have been looking forward to it for 6 weeks!  This weekend was suppose to be my graduation ceremony.  But we decided last year not to go.  (it's long, a lot of sitting, what is the point of spending the money to go and stay up there when we live three hours away).  Hubby is going to Maine to see his brother, and I will be camping (hopefully) and not thinking about all of the people I will be missing or the fact that even though I am the only one to graduate from college in my freakishly large family- there will never be a picture of me in my cap and gown with honors showing.

I saw Hopefully I will be camping because the Dentist may want to see me again.  He is concerned about some swelling that  I still have, and if i have it for a few more days he wants me to call him (at home, not the office) so that he can get me and get to work immediately!  (kind of scary)  Don't forget, I also have my big bad scary FIRST INTERVIEW on Monday!

But I want to leave you with: Why I love my dentist and will drive 2 hours for him.

  • he is nice
  • he makes it not painful
  • he bring his dog with him everyday (don't worry she doesn't do where it is sterile)
  • he lets you have a payment plan- and gives you years if you need it
  • he recognizes that not everyone has insurance, and not to over charge
  • he works with you to make it affordable
  • he is honest
Thank you Dr. Bly for making my (as other DDS said) $2,000 dental work cost me 740.  Thank you for caring, and thank you for making time for me even though you have a wait-list out the door!


  1. Hope your feeling better! Enjoy the camping trip!

  2. Awe, Praying for speedy recovery!!! :(


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