Saturday, April 30, 2011

disney wedding gowns

my freshman year of college we learned that there was a line of Disney wedding gown out, and there was a store an hour away that had them.  My friends and I hatched a plan that we would never live down! 

Fake ring on hand we came up with an elaborate story of my engagement and our wedding details.  I would like to add that I was not dating anyone, nor was I even friends with my now Hubby at the time (that came a couple months later).

The idea was I had just gotten engaged, and I took my best friend (maid of honor) and my cousin (ok- he was really just a good friend that thought it would be fun).  We were not getting married for another year and 8 months or so, thus I had a lot of time, but we really wanted to start looking for the dress.  We also decided to lie about our ages... even though I still look like I am 16!  It was so much fun!

And now the Fall 2007 line
Belle- my favorite Princess

Ariel- I liked this one the best, if I were getting married, I would have chosen this one!

At this point I was getting  WAY too into it!  my friends were concered

and this was for brian- he liked it- I hated it!

and on the way back, I sat staring at my fake ring.. i loved it!  I loved the idea of it!

      A month later I swore off men, and decided I would be content if I never got married!  A month later I met my best friend, and 2 months later, we were dating, 3 months after that things were serious, and 4 months later we were engaged- yeah, that's how that went down!


  1. I love the Disney dresses. Aurora is my favorite princess and I love the desginers that did "her" dress! Ariel and Cinderella's lines are gorgeous too. I wish I could've afforded a Disney dress when I got married but alas, money was tight. I still ended up spending 200 over my budget... YIKES! I love the fact that you and your friends did that! I wish I had just for fun too hahahahaha LOVE

  2. HI! Thanks for the sweet comment on my blog =] I love new followers <3

    It makes me laugh so hard when people say we would really be friends, because I feel the same way about people just through their blogs. Isn't it crazy how you seriously get to know someone just by the little snippets they share of their lives?

    Have you been to Ethiopia? I absolutely love it.

    I'm excited to get to know you better. And ps, you're not creepy at all. And that's something we have in common because I say that all the time, and I am creepy, so....hahaha

    Have a wonderful rest of your week, and thank you for the birthday wishes! <3


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