Saturday, June 11, 2011

The Newly-Whits plan a camping trip!

Remember a while back when I went camping and rock climbing with some dear friends.  Well I loved it, and wanted to go back asap!

I love camping, Hubby loves camping, but in 4 years of knowing each other we have never been camping together!!!  Most of our friends were not big on the 'take off work and use up vaca days to sleep outside with no running water and no bathroom' thing.  It never seemed super appropriate for us to go camping alone either.  Last summer I begged to go, and Hubs kept saying 'when we get our puppy'.  But when we got our puppy he was too little to go, and then school started!

In the past few months we have been trying to find a time when we are both off work for a 24 hour period.  Well it hasn't happened yet, and we don't see it happening ever.  So, Hubby is taking a day off and we are heading down to KY to camp!!  We decided to leave the pup at home this time so that we can rockclimb.  So puppy will spend the few days before his birthday with his momma and poppa (and brother, and grandma) at his breeder's house!

We are leaving Wednesday afternoon- Can't wait!

looking forward to sharing this with my hubby!

Don't forget the giveaway!


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