Thursday, June 9, 2011

hangover tuesday

Monday I worked my butt off doing laundry and the like for 10 hours!  (and my laundry room is down the block from our little townhome.)  Then, I went to work.  Sufficient to say I was ready for fun when I got home (one hour early)!  We decided to have some whiskey and coke and watch a beautiful mind.

We kept stopping the movie because we were talking.  This 2 hour movie turned into a 4 hour one- and one drink turned into 3.  I felt a little tipsy going to bed- but we had so much fun laughing and talking.  It's great being married to my best friend!

This morning was an early one.  We went to bed at 1 (normally 11 is the latest) and then got up at 7 (normally 8:30- spoiled I know, ah the life of the unemployed).  I was so tired, thirsty, and a little bit hungry.  I took the dog out, and then laid down on the couch.  Then it hit.  I was sick!  I felt nauseous!  I ate some breakfast, drank some water- and I just kept feeling worse!  This went on for four hours, and included a few trips to the bathroom... tmi- yes, sorry.

Searching for something quick for lunch, and wishing I had some of my faithful sprite (which always makes me feel better) I landed on a frozen meal.  I knew we were out of sprite and I was not up for driving to get one (or even walking from the couch to the car).  I looked in our soda cupboard (it's so small that only cans fit in it).  I expected to find a coke, a couple beers, maybe a juicebox.  But there it was in all it's glory.  My can of sprite!  In just a few hours I was feeling better!

Thank You my faithful friend!

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  1. Whitey Wife, thank you so much for stopping by my little blog and leaving such a sweet comment! I am so happy to find yours as well. I actually NEVER wanted to move to Boston, but now my blog has essentially become an ode to all that I love about this town. I cannot imagine ever living anywhere else!

    On another note: Love sprite, especially on one of those mornings. Sprite and Saltines are a must in my pantry! Glad you are feeling better!


  2. so funny! Glad the sprite helped :)


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