Wednesday, June 1, 2011

crafting much?

It had been awhile since I busted out my crafts to make something.  My friend reminded me while we were at Taste of Cincinnati that I hadn't posted any pictures lately or my work (which meant that I had not made anything!)  So the next day while hubby was at work I puled our a few scraps and leftovers and made a few things...  See below!  (PS all of for sale, and one person is already interested in one of them!)

this is not as high of a quality as my other, but still precious $1.50

ended up making a pair of white ones for a dinner out!  SO great! 1 for 1.75 or 2 for 2.75

up close of the ribbion headband for $2.50.  those little things are cz studs

Going to be making more of these $3.00 babies

this one already has one person interested!  $4.00.  I am planning on making smaller ones with letters and school colors for spirit, and maybe a few bridesmaids ones as well :)

More projects to come!  (also a new addition has been made to our home... details to come soon!)

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