Friday, June 17, 2011

pizza to be proud of!

I love pizza.  I think it just might be my favorite food- yep, for sure!  The other day I made a pizza full of Italian sausage, green peppers, onions, and fire roasted tomatoes.  It was really good- but super unhealthy (with over a pound of sausage) and it had to be eaten with the fork and knife.

That same day I was checkin' up on my blogs and saw a post about homemade pizzas.  I don't remember who it was- if it was you let me know, I will link up! I felt inspired to use that other pizza crust that I had!

The toppings: Tomato, Artichoke Hearts, Onion, Feta, Pesto, Bacon

And here was my project (You have to make it- so freakin' good!)

 I started with the premade pizza crust.  I covered it in EVOO then dusted it with garlic powder and oregano.  Pop it in the oven- **here's the trick** put it on a cooling rack over a baking sheet!

Next I 'roasted' my fresh cut tomatoes- Slice em, place them on the same cooling rack over the cookie sheet, then sprinkle with salt, pepper, and basil.

Layer them together

I used a jar of Artichoke hearts, Just a couple were enough (and I still have the jar of them for other goodies!) 

Next up was to make the Basil Pesto sause.  I just got an 89cent packet from kroger and followed directions then spread it across

Then I saw my poor onion that I had forgotten about so I chopped up about half of that and spread it across, then added the bacon (chopped up- ok I actually just pulled it apart because I am lazy), then cover with fetta!


I put it all back in the over on the rack for about 15-20 minutes on- i don't know 300.  Waited until the Fetta was toasting up and Tada!

Go, make it now, you will not be sorry!


  1. yum! If I liked artichokes or feta, I would totally try this out :)

  2. I love all these ingredients! Thanks for sharing.

  3. That looks absolutely sublime! I love pizza so so so much! We had some for supper last night that was so good I'm going to make my hubby share the recipe! Oh I could live off the stuff!!!

    <3 MuffinLovesBiscuit


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