Thursday, June 23, 2011

sicky house

I woke up Thursday morning to find poo in my puppy's crate, i moved him to another and continued to get ready (hubby was sleeping in after a late night celebrate of the Yankee loss).  When I jumped out of the shower i heard puppy crying again!  Very odd, I ran downstairs to find him standing up, looking sad, with diarrhea on one side of the crate, and vomit on the other (gross, i know, be thankful for no pictures)

I woke up the hubby and he came down to clean- I took pup for a walk to see if anything else was in his system.  It didn't take long for him to do it all over again!  Back at the house I got him some water and took it outside to him (waiting for round 3).  He drank all the water, then laid down- so. sad.

Hubby called the vet and gathered all new things to take with him (searching for the root of the problem).  Then I went off to work.

Apparently our puppy has a bad case of  Giardia (canis).  This can be fatal.  I freaked out.  His treatments for today alone are several hundred dollars, and we will be doing this each week for several weeks. 

In other news, it can be contagious to people.  My hubby went home and experienced similar symptoms to our dog.  Sad day.  Hopefully we can get the family back to healthy soon!

In more positive news- we are seeing Abridged Shakespeare Thursday night, so a post will be coming soon!

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