Monday, June 27, 2011

adventures of a nanny

Welcome to the adventures of an infant nanny!  My days are spent with the only noise i hear being screaming, crying, and the clicking of my keyboard.

I spend hours on end trying to keep an infant smiling by doing everything imaginable.  I know for a fact I am not ready for kids.  Although he is a cutie, he can really wear you down when you have a 13 hour day with him- especially with the lack of human contact.  I watch a lot of mickey mouse club house so that there is at least some sound in the house.  When the little monkey is sleeping I jump on my computer and blog my little heart out!  It's my favorite part of the day!  If there is not a lot going on in blogland- then i hibernate with netflix.  It's an interesting job where the highs are soaring and the lows are roaring.  Nothing is worse that 14 hours with a sick baby who won't eat or sleep!

But more importantly, this is the cuteness that fills my day. 

he did not move for several minutes- we just had a stare down- then he slept

have you ever had these- they are amazing!!  We give them to baby to help fatten him up after being sick
I really am a good nanny.. he scooted himself there very quickly!  He was laughing the whole time!!

I have been with this little guy since he was 3 months old (almost 3 months that is).  New nannies are being interviewed on Monday for him!  They better be good to my little guy!


  1. What a cutie! And I got your package this weekend...LOVE IT! :)

  2. Awww, he is SO adorable!! Sounds like some amazing AND rough days, all at once.


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