Sunday, June 19, 2011

cincinnati opera, rigoletto

in the middle of the week last week both us us were suppose to be off work, and we were going to go camping.  with rain in the forecast we nixed it- and i am so glad we did!  I wasn't feeling great on Tuesday (which was a 12 hour day of nannying, then 1 hour of running errands, followed by small group- I was not home until 11)- Wednesday I worked in the morning, and was not feeling great that night, and thursday we cleaned the house and looked at rentals, and I was sick.  But the up side of not going camping was that we would get to see Rigoletto!


Even being a sicky it was a great night!  It was held at Cincinnati's Music Hall.....


Gorgeous, right?!!

The soprano stole the show!  After her aria there was so much applause that the show has to stop for a few minutes!  The famous quartet in the 3rd was also wonderful!  Really the whole cast was great, but my favorite was by far the soprano!  (which is saying a lot seeing as my hubby is a tenor and has performed a few scenes from this opera!)

The best part, we went for free!  My inlaws got me an Orange card for Christmas which allows me to go to several arts shows for free, and get discounted tickets!  Next thursday we will be seeing "the complete works of william shakespear (abridged)"!  So excited to be back in the 'theatre going crowd' :)

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