Sunday, June 19, 2011

I am the father to the fatherless- pain, hope, and prayer

Although I am lucky enough to have a dad who took care of me, I did not escape the sadness, abuse, then abandonment of my first father.

When I was in high school I attended a summer event with a church.  There was a picture book like story that was shared.  It included a father looking in on his little girl, making the way for her, keeping her safe, comforting her, healing her boo-boos, and in general just being there for her/ with her.  It broke my heart because I was so jealous of this cartoon character that had so much from the moment she was born.  Then I realized what was to most a simple message- God is your father.  I wept for days, I am weeping now remember the realization.  From that moment on I have been trying (and failing) to forgive, and let go of the pain and abuse. 

I think about my dear friend who lost her father when she was a tween.  She lost a father that loved her more than anything, and had a good relationship.  But he had to die before she even started high school.  He had to die just as she started dating (which turned out to be her husband).  He missed so much of her life, and she misses him daily.  It breaks my heart to think of those who have lost a father, or have lost all meaning of the word.

He says "I am the Father to the Fatherless" "I will not harm you".  These are the words I take my rest in, I take my peace, and I find my quiet moment.

Pray that the fatherless would know their Father.

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  1. I know you're not looking forward to making that call, but I'm keeping you in my thoughts and prayers today! It's not my favorite holiday either... so I'm with you on that note.


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