Saturday, June 4, 2011

an inspirational love story

everything i learned about how to love came from these two people

Meet my great grandmother and great grandfather, aka Grandma Beulah and Grandpa Bill.  These two married when they were teenagers.  And  had their first child as teenagers.  They grew up in a tiny town, and lived in poverty for many years (as did the rest of the family, thank you mom for getting us out, and dad for helping the others get out as well).

Grandpa Bill always called his wife"momma".  He was stubborn and she was precious.  They were inseparable.  They opened their home to all generations and love poured out of their hearts, minds, mouths, and souls.

My grandma was diagnosed with a very advanced cancer.  my grandpa did everything for her.  (ok water works have started- I'll try to keep going)  He kept his same personality, always joking, sometimes being a pain, and full of love.  I could see in his eyes how much he was in pain because the woman he loved more than anything else in the world was in pain.  One night, as they were laying in bed, she told him about the angels that spoke to her.  She told him what heaven was like.  His heart was breaking.  He laid there, holding her, kissing her, telling her that he loved her as she passed, and after for many hours.

The months following he was still in pain.  He was thankful that she was out of her suffering and that she was with Christ.  Such a beautiful woman holds a special place at God's throne.  He was ready to go.  He cried every night for the loss of his love and the torment that he felt as he was happy with where she was, but sad he was not there with her.  

One night, unexpectedly, he passed in his sleep.  The doctor had just examined him the day before- he was healthy other than a first stage of cancer in his eye. That doctor told our family that Grandpa died of heartache.  We all believe this.  

These two people showed and acted on their love for one another everyday.  They both served in the church until the day they died.  They both know Christ, and both want others to know him as well.  I will always remember their love.  If I show a 10th of it to my husband we will have a very successful marriage.

Thank you grandma and grandpa, thank you for teaching me the meaning of the word love.  Thank you for showing me what it looked like each and everyday of life. You have inspired me.  Thank you for loving me too.

Beulah Jean passed August 2009,       William Orval passed December 2010


  1. This so beautiful. Thank you for sharing.
    I love stories of those whose love has only grown stronger as the seasons passed. This is beautiful.

  2. this is so beautiful and touching.... you are so blessed to have such a strong, amazing example of Love in your life. Thank you for sharing their story. My fantasy is to be a little old lady holding my husband's hand and it is so special when that fantasy is Lived.

  3. so precious. they are together again in heaven.

  4. Aww, this.


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