Sunday, June 12, 2011

puppy sees a groomer!

We have a Cairn Terrier.  He is our furchild ('nough said).  Well the thing is with Cairns the proper way to groom them is to hand strip their coats twice a year (and bath them no more than once a month!)  We have only ever trimmed around his face so that he can see.  He will be one year old in a week.  It's been in the upper 90s ans 100s- so this whole multiple coat thing was too much for him and it was time for us all to take the jump of getting him stripped.

Stripping a coat is basically pulling out the undercoat by hand.  IT DOES NOT HURT THE DOG AT ALL.  No joke, this pup is my baby, i made sure.  He was actually getting to the point of tearing out his own hair (it comes out very easily once it gets loose).  The key to stripping is to find someone who has experience!  This is not something to try at home!

Although I did my research, I was not ready for what I found when I went to pick him up!  I had no idea just how much hair was there!  I am not to sure about his new look, his daddy likes it- but this momma is a tough crowd to please.  It's so hard to see them grow up!  :)

such a happy puppy, I love this picture!

He's still a cutie!  Hair will always grow back!

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  1. Ahhhh... What a cute haircut!!

  2. Aw, I love the pic of you guys on the couch! So adorable! The cut looks great too. :)

  3. Wow... what a big difference!

    I'm hosting a gift exchange for our pets, and I wanted to know if you'd be interested in playing! :)


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