Tuesday, June 28, 2011

nada bartini (being in our twenties)

On Friday night I got together with my girls and we hit the town!  We went to this posh resurant called Nada, then across the street to a swanky bar called Bartini's.  We had a blast!  It was great to be out doing something like a normal 22 year old.  Instead of being the old-maid that I am most nights. 

My husband is friends with a guy who frequents bartini's.  He got all of us in for free, and bought two rounds of shots for everyone!  He also kept checking up on us- which was nice, and partially because my husband was not there and if anything came close to happening to us hubby would be after this guy! :) 

I have to confess, I drank too much.  Now, I can hold my liquor- but i didn't realize just how much I had until this morning.  Let's do drunk math, margarita+shot+double shot+ tequila shot+ cosmo= well you'll see!

we asked a neighbor to take a group shot

waiting for the hot shot to get us in

we were cracking up forever- there are 5 more pictures like this

after, getting ready to go home... I feel like my eyes are a little red :/

I don't remember this conversation

none of us where ready!  I promise we were not this drunk... i think, but hey you do the math ;)


  1. looks like a great time!
    i always love my girlfriend nights!

  2. Sounds good! I'll definitely need one of those nights in five more months! All you girls look so cute. :)


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