Thursday, June 30, 2011


Last weekend my Hubby and I went to the Greek Festival!  We started our relationship in Greece, fell in love in Greece, and decided to marry eachother while in Greece.  We have been there together twice- so it obvisouly holds a special place in our hearts!

This was such a fun night for us!  Our favorite foods, a bottle of wine, dancing, and a cultural talk with a woman from our favorite city- Athens.  There are 100,000 people who attend each year!  No matter what state we live in next year- we will be back!
meal 2- greek pizza (and our bottle of wine... yes it was sold by the bottle, and yes, they sold out)

so technically this was serbian, but very similar (just beef instead of lamb)

he did not actually chug it (note his greek footbal jersey!)

imported from Cyprus

traditional dancing

after this was open dancing for all- where 1,000 people participated in traditional greek dancing!
For more information on this event click here

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