Monday, June 13, 2011

did you win? Giveaway winners!

Well I am super stressed out today, and that will be in a future post, however, thanks to all of that I am feeling the need to reach out to as many as I can thanks you your wonderful comments which made me smile!!

I love you all, and you are wonderful blog-friends.  I wish I could send you all a care package!  (I was actually sad that I couldn't, for real.) So, I decided to have one grandprize winner, and two peeps who will get a little something as well.

Drum roll please...

Grandprize Winner Katie from J&K

'a little something' winner #1 Sean Marie @ A Mad Girl's Love Song

'a little something' winner #2 Emily @ MeMe&He
What to do now... E-mail me ( with your address.  I am uber freakishly busy this week, so I am hoping to get the packages in the mail Friday Morning- Monday morning at the latest!  Promise!

Hope you are all excited about this summer!


  1. Aw, yay! You're a good bloggy friend of mine and I'm so happy I won something! Hope your stress level has gone down and thanks for hosting a give away! :)

  2. PS, I can't find a link to your email! Ahhh!

  3. so sorry, I wasn't thikning, I don;t know why I did not just list it in the post! Silly me, all is fixed now :)

  4. gahhh so excited!! emailing you right now! yippee!


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