Tuesday, June 14, 2011

welcome to bollywood

We have added netflix dvds to our entertainment- very exciting!  Hubby picks out the movies, and we watch them together. Well most recently he picked Kal Ho Naa Ho, a famous Bollywood film which translates to Tomorrow May Never Come.  It is the saddest Bollywood film ever.

It was my first Bollywood film to see, and I was not expecting anything.  Although these films are about 3 hours in length (they all come with an intermission) they go by very fast!  I had no idea what it was after midnight when it ended!

I won't say much about the film, except that you should see it.  Take out the crazy music montages/musical numbers and it was just a typical chickflick!

In other news... my hubby had tears the entire film, which was kinda cute.  (it was pretty heart-renching of a love story!)

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  1. Aren't movies a great way to bond with your man!! I love doing this! Netflix is amazing. They have so many that you can get "on demand"! LOVE IT!!


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