Friday, June 10, 2011

puppy lovin'

I have not shared my furchild with you all in a long time, and it's about time for some light and fun reading on this blog!

This is my furchild.  His name is Remy (Red Sox fans- you know the reference).  He's a Cairn Terrier.  We got him from a loving breeder (only breeds once every several years, and those dogs are family!)  He has had a few haircut around his face and paws, but his body is all natural!  No trims there! His first hand stripping is TOMORROW!!  He will be one year old on June 18th!!  

We have taken to relaxing in the yard in the mornings

however he got excited and spilled his breakfast- Puppy is so proud of himself!

car ride

he was so excited to see his 'cousin'

he and his 'cousin' Pippin **my in-laws pup that is 3 months older than Remy

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  1. cute. I have puppy fever SO BAD!!! Or is that baby fever? No, puppy fever...or at least that is what I tell myself! Ha!

  2. @Jennifer- if you ever need help making sure it's not baby fever I have 57,632,879 reasons to never have children which I can help you out with! ;) - says the nanny


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