Friday, July 1, 2011

the duchess

Yes, I am still obsessed.  This woman is gorgeous!  At first when the media was all over what she was wearing daily I though it was crazy!  There was a huge commotion about her re-wearing a dress.  I was glad she did!  She also does not have a stylist- she is just that awesome.  

Right now the Prince and Duchess are in Canada (and soon the US- eek).  I saw her on the news today and my heart melted a little.  Yes- I wish I was her (or at least looked like- er dressed like her).

And now- you can see for yourself what I am talking about! (PS- she does her own makeup-- every day!

no one should look this good walking off a plane in the wind- holy crap!

that itty bit waist! 

Anyone else obsessed with chiffon?  ME!

Here is her re-wear!  I forget the even on the left but it was post wedding, the right was out to dinner/clubs pre wedding

she can rock a look straight from the runways

this was her second wedding dress- for the after party.. And I loved it too!

pre wedding- I want to pull this off!  Hair, hat, scarf, sweater, jacket- I am in love.
I would love to link you to all of these- but really just google Catherine, Duchess of Cambridge and you will see them all (and it saves me like an hour a few minutes).  

In other news- I am not normally obsessive, and I do have a life.  Please do not judge me for today's post, I thought it would be fun for us all (and my blog needed a little more fun ;)


  1. Right there with ya lady. Everytime I see her on a mag cover, I shove it in my husbands face "Isn't she GORGEOUS?!" the look he gives me pretty much tells me he thinks I'm a nutcase haha

  2. I love her too, she is just so classy! She even did her own makeup for her wedding! So impressive.

  3. I am also obsessed. Obsessed, I tell ya! I can't get enough of what any Middleton is doing or wearing.



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