Tuesday, July 19, 2011

what would life have been like if?

Romance in a Glance had a post the other day about the decisions we make, and how our paths lead us.  Hubby and I have talked about on many occasions the "what if's".  I also have wondered- what if I wasn't married.

If I didn't get married (when I did) I would have stayed at my university for another year, graduated traditionally with a double major.  I would have moved back in with my parents following that and would now be awaiting my teaching position.  Or maybe I would have moved abroad and had my teaching position lined up a year in advance (Ok with the track I was on, that would have been more likely).  I would no have a dog, or a place of my own.  I would still be the typical 22 year old, and would have way less responsibilities.  I would be able to move anywhere in the world.  But man oh man, would I be lonely.

What if I did not go against my wants and desires, and I went to the party school- I never would have meet him.  I would not have grown into a mature person, I would not have Christ in mind (I know how disciplined I am- I would have forgotten what religion meant if I were not reminded of it daily, or 'forced' to learn more through classes-- which I loved!!)  I made a decision to go to a school which would build me up both academically and spiritually- hoping that socially would come naturally.  I am so happy with this decision.

What if he did the same thing?  What if he did not do a year of missions first?  We would have meet, but he would have been several years ahead of me- not good for our relationship building- freshman/ sr thing I mean.

What if he never had that concussion?  (Many late night conversations have been had on this one over the years)  He would not have gotten up the guts to tell me how he was really feeling.  I would have never have known and told myself to just get over this little crush I was feeling.  We are pretty sure that we would have ended up together anyways based on how our friendship was going- but it would have taken a lot longer, and we would not have gotten married when we did.  In fact our relationship might not have started until a year later when he returned from studying overseas- this would be just 1 year before his graduation.... if we would have reconnected after all that (again, we are pretty sure we would have).  Our guess- we would still not be married.  We wouldn't be ready yet because we experienced so much in those months apart.

yes, the concussion led to this the next day
Our paths seemed crazy at the time.  We could not understand why things were happening.  But God had (well, has) us in His hands.  Our paths of these little things lead us to great things.

There are a million little decisions we make which shape our lives.  We could always ask what if. It is fun at times to think of how things could be different- but it is most important to recognize how things came to be- and how amazing it is that those things happened.  I love my husband, I love our little family, and I love our crazy life together.  Who else in the world could say they are happy for a concussion??

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  1. Isn't it weird to look back and think about how different things could have turned out?! I do that a lot too, but generally I'm pretty happy with the results so far!


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